Broken Pieces

Don't Lose Hope

Not everything that’s broken needs to be discarded. Sometimes being broken can increase an object’s worth.

Take the example of the ancient Chinese art of embellishing the cracks in a valuable possession with expensive, exquisite and eye-catching gold leaf.

This sends the message that this object’s beautiful. And we dishonour it by choosing to throw it away, or by pretending that it’s perfect, and has never suffered damage.

There is no cover up or denial in this choice to mend the cherished item with the costly gold leaf. The decision says: “This item is so elegant and precious. It deserves to be repaired. Can you see how much it’s worth?”

The gold leaf gives it prominence. It catches your eye. In the end, we find the damage has increased the object’s value. It has a unique beauty, and it stands out from the crowd.

And here’s the thing ….


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