at least i have a brain

Nerves- the body’s communication network. The HUB. The controls belong to the Brain.

Nerves conduct and instruct appropriately from the brain to every other body part

Nerves in my case don’t always cooperate. :

  • My chiari
  • My brain surgeries
  • My meningitises

All of these contributed to my neuro signals and the fact they are not going as they should.

  • Neuropatic pain is crippling and builds all day long.
  • Fingers that don’t now have proper neurological movement due to lack of feedback but do send messages of pain.
  • Eyes that work individually but not in tandem. A lazy eye on either side.
  • Palsies again who knows where when and for how long. Yet diagnosis? No.
  • Swallow problems.
  • Autonomic body systems fail and rework to fail again when you least expect it.
  • Hypersensitive areas are like raw flesh although not treatable.
  • Brain fog is demeaning. To see the faces you love look…

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