Wake up with a Unicorn

Hey Momma

 WAKE UP WITH A UNICORN ’You don’t know anything about me’ Zoonie sighed, her jaw tightly clenched, settling down for the night. ’Well whose fault is that’? Cornelius retorted’ all of my friendly attempts, you have thwarted’ ‘I’m an enchanted Horse with a sword on my head, a protector of magic, happiness and dreams ahead. If you have a Unicorn to be your best friend, you are extra special and on me you can depend’ Zoonie glanced over, twinkling hopes, on her face, ‘Okay then, let’s begin with a furry hug of embrace’ Cornelius whispered back in welcoming response ‘Let go of your grief Zoonie, it’s time to move on’ Cornelius advised that there be just one rule: ‘Remember stars sparkle, between me and you. Two precious hearts in a a mystical union, now begins the alchemy of happiness infusion. It will be sweet to see Zoonie laughing again, this…

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