The time … I was cleaning the quartz countertop

Ellie the Crunch

So as you know we are renting this house in Florida. A family that was traveling to NY rented their house. I mean this is the house they live in all year long how can they trust someone to stay at their house??? Well they chain locked all their closets but still …

Anyway so the first day I was cooking and used some turmeric. The turmeric spilled and stained the countertop!!! I was in a semi panic while my husband kept saying who cares we will deal with it later.

So you have to understand that later for my husband could mean two things: later as in a “later” time or later as in never.

In this case I had a feeling it meant later as in never so I just tried to fix it with what I had handy.

I tried with some windex, no luck, I tried…

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