Same, but Different

Hey Momma

THE SAME, BUT DIFFERENT “Don’t bother” Zoonie mutters, ‘I don’t want a new sister or brother’ I’m so lost and confused, I need my best friend’ she continues. Feeling my heart pull and pinch, because she doesn’t respond or flinch. Everything was different and she knew, a huge void in our lives was the clue. She’d ignored her new purple friend, as he followed every where she went. Trudging each room, no place to just be, she looks forlorn and pitifully at me. Tail limply tucked down under, you can see her sigh and wonder. Eyebrows tightly scrunched into frown, still searching and looking around. Her new mate patiently waits and stares, but you can see Zoonie doesn’t care. Her childlike wonder of sense and awe, is lost, she’s different than before. The same comfy sofa and fluffy bed, but still, she mournfully droops her head. The day that she…

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