Clapping for Eggs

Hey Momma

Children parade the streets,
tapping clappers, for treats.
’Please can we have an egg’?
they each, traditionally beg. 

Shirts untucked, hair ruffled;
Welsh homes they’ve shuffled. 
‘Who do you belong to?’ quizzed;
‘Regards to your Mam, please give’

Weary and tired,
gifted for their desires. 
Eggs are safely stored,
and credited as reward. 

Back home with their loot,
Mom’s praise tired broods.
Shoelaces slapping on floors,
Easter work is done, now thank the Lord.
Victoria Healing ~ 5.4.2021 
The Egg Clappers

"Clap, clap, I am asking for an egg for the children, on the parish'"

Image: Claire Roige Photography- Family photographer in Swansea, South Wales.

If the family in the house knew these small children, knew their siblings, and some were missing, they would also give them an egg for those brothers or sisters.

Happy Easter Monday

in Welsh: Dydd Llun Pasg Hapus


Apparently egg clapping…

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