Day 7 to getting a -ve Covid result.

Beginner's Guide to Epilepsy

Somewhere between getting positive and negative, I seemed to care less and less about the external appearance of things in nature and the world. It doesn’t take much for one to understand it either. No wonder why people change, after being locked up for years. Though I was locked up for 21 days with little sunlight and plenty of time. My expectations and perspective about the world did change and it made me aware of the fact how little it takes for a human to be crushed under harsh environments.

Honestly, I don’t even try anymore. I welcome change of any kind and can only care little about the people whom I love. Perhaps I thought quite highly of myself, perhaps it was pride which to me and put me in prison. But it’s fine now. I feel better. I am only a human who sins and repents it. Actually…

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