Little Easter Witches

Hey Momma

‘I wave a twig for a fresh and healthy year ahead; a twig for you, a prize for me’ LITTLE EASTER WITCHES Hungry smiles spread across their faces, wishing to share in your good graces. A treat for them, a blessing for you, a fun tradition, of Easter witches crew. Cute freckled noses, red rosy cheeks, visiting your home, to trick or treat. This Easter Sunday be prepared; with chocolate egg favours to share. When they knock, throw open the door, greet them gladly, in stillness of hall. A prize of willow branch and rhyme take, these good fortunes of home will make. Return their favours with candy treats, memories of their visit darling and sweet. Be witched and charmed in an instant, Spellbound of little Finnish witches wisdom. This, a glimpse into Nordic custom of globe, quite unlike but similar to our own. Victoria Healing ~ 1.4.2021 Little Easter…

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