Work Anxiety is Ruling My Emotions

The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

Making mistakes at work gives me overwhelming, day-ruining anxiety. March has been rough on me and I just want to give up and hide away under my covers for a year. The anxiety is too much.

During January and February, I was alright with work. But once March came, it felt like everything I did was wrong.

That every email I got was “Megan, I’m concerned about…”. I feel like it’s so many small things that have become a mountain that can touch the sky. Today I got an email about making too many spelling errors and that I need to do better. That tipped me over the edge.

I broke down and cried.

I have been so worried that I will get fired for my dumb mistakes that this makes me feel so defeated. Do I just give up? Do I quit before I can get fired?

Whenever I’m…

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