The time … I had to keep the holiday of Passover (like every other year).

Ellie the Crunch

As you may know by now we are observant Jews, I grew up traditional but my husband is definitely more observant that I am.

Passover, what is Passover? 8 days of eating restricted food options without looking at the labels lol.

During Passover I try not to look at the ingredients too much as the food selection is pretty limited so it is what it is. I am starting to think they invented all these Jewish holidays to kill us.

Can’t make my homemade sourdough but I have to eat matza, basically a dry cracker, to be honest matzah, except for being made with gluten which I don’t have too many issues with although I would prefer it to be organic but I yet have to find an organic matzah, has only wheat and water. It could have been worse.

The cookies are terrible. The other food is terrible, everything…

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