Can Three Words Turn Anxiety Into Success?


I have a lot of anxiety often. As I get older my chest feels tighter and heavier more often and it concerns me. Anxiety is at a high level for most people globally right now. There are many ways to trick yourself out of anxiety. Here is one I came across today that I felt I really needed to pass on because it seems to make a lot of sense and just might work for me and others.

Anxiety reappraisal boils down to telling yourself that you feel excited whenever you feel nervous. 

Here is an article from The Atlantic . Its about a 5-7 minute read.

I am so excited for this severe threat looming on the horizon.

I just can’t wait to learn how I will fail to live up to my own expectations.

I lie awake, tight-chested, at 3 a.m., just really looking forward to what fresh…

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