The time … I wanted to have time to myself to think …

Ellie the Crunch

We are on “vacation”, as usual husband went out (on his daily mission to save the world, more likely he went to put gas in the car, buy some food from the grocery store etc but this means he will be away most of the day) and I was left with the 2 pretty difficult children.

Morning started pretty rough. Toddler decided he didn’t like the clothes I put on him and took them off screaming (diaper included). Older was having a panic attack because his friend started making movies like him using the same names and ideas and it just didn’t sit well with him. What do I mean by “movies”? His main actor is his little brother who most of time refuses to cooperate but when he does something pretty cute and funny is created … his friend liked the idea and started a similar series with his…

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