Stunted Pt. 2

The Alien Blogs

Disclaimer: Like the previous post, I’m in NO WAY saying that seeking help is useless. I’m saying that from my experience with the mental health system I’ve realized that they could do much better by all of us.

Mental illness made me want to escape. Leading me to try to find every way possible to escape. Which messed up the growth of my teenage brain. Leading me to become emotionally stuck in my teenage years while my peers emotionally matured as I sat by, envious when lucid and oblivious when stoned. My mental health was severe enough without all the extra chemicals I pounded into my system. I helped the psychosis along with the downers, uppers and hallucinogens. Leading me to the equally addictive confines of mental health wards. We had one that I spent many stays at. Another I spent two stays at where I saw things that should’ve…

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