What Success Looks Like

Jaime Stenning - a life uncut

I think our society has a distorted view of what success means. We live in a capitalist world where we sold to at every opportunity. Buy more, spend more, make more money, bigger, better, faster, now.

I wrote a piece recently saying I want to be with someone who has a career. Someone that’s successful. But I’m not talking about someone that makes loads of money. I’m talking about personal success. Having and reaching your own goals. Being content. Loving what you do. It means different things to different people. You might be a multimillionaire but be sad and lonely. Life isn’t just about making money.

So how can you be more successful in your life? Have achievable goals, work towards them, hit them. From being more fit to eating healthier. A better work-life balance. Spending more quality time with your loved ones. Having awesome experiences. Being a good person…

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