Stunted Pt. 1

The Alien Blogs

Some afterthoughts on the previous post. This is looking like it’ll end up being a 2 parter.

Within the last few years I’ve realized, more and more, that everything that was to help me ended up hindering me in the long run. Mainly the social security disability at 18 and the multiple psych ward stays throughout my teenage years. I believe you MUST seek help whenever you’re in a mental health crisis. I believe places like rehab and psychiatric hospitals are important on many levels, but it’s how they’re run that I don’t agree with from experience. Government programs like SSD are helpful and I fully support them. I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea here. I’m just speaking on my life. Everyone is different. I’m not saying to deny help.

I’m a 14 year old girl stuck in a 33 year old woman’s body. It’s science. It’s fact…

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