The time … my brother had another schizophrenic attack

Ellie the Crunch

So, after he stole $5000 from my account. Not sure I mentioned this, to recap, apparently MY saving was somehow a joint account with his and I didn’t know about it!!! Don’t ask me how. Those $5000 were given to me by my dad about 15 years ago and I kept them in my saving for rainy days or emergency or if I wanted to use for something my husband didn’t “believe in” (like getting a advocate to finally get my son an IEP), he would spend $100 on a pair of shoes but doesn’t believe spending $100 for an advocate to help ME in the process we already failed once, is worth it. OK.

My brother claimed that money was his and called me a bunch of insults to even think it was mine.

I am surrounded by people with mental issues and I am not sure how much…

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