The time … he wanted sex

Ellie the Crunch

Like really??

He has been nice to me for the last few days and now he thinks it’s all over? I have this thing called … (finger snaps, finger snaps …) oh yes, resentment.

Does he really think that being nice to me for 2 days grants him sex?? Hahahahahahahaha

I am exhausted. The last 2 nights I have been sleeping in my bed, in my room on HIS request … he was supposed to take care of toddler in the middle of the night to let me “rest” (hahahahaha) …

I woke up around 2.45 am with a stomach ache (anger? Frustration? Resentment?) Went to the bathroom and heard screaming from toddler room. I was sure husband was with him … but the screaming didn’t stop so I went to check on him.

He was alone, screaming his brains out in fear because he was alone. I immediately hugged…

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