Epilepsy Versus “Pseudo-Seizures”

Epilepsy Talk

Epilepsy is not a dirty word. Neither is pseudo-seizures.

But they both coexist, side by side.

One of the most common complications is the misconception that people who suffer from pseudo-seizures are hypochondriacs, hysterics, or “faking it.”

The name for the condition alone, “pseudo-seizures,” perpetuates that misunderstanding.

The term “pseudo-seizures” is extremely misleading. The seizures are quite real, and people who have then do not have conscious, voluntary control over them.

They are “false” only in that they have no physical cause; rather, they are said to be psychological or physical reactions to stresses.

Although their causes are different, “pseudo-seizures” definitely resemble epileptic seizures and often it’s difficult to tell the difference.

They may be generalized convulsions (similar to “grand-mal” epileptic seizures) that are characterized by falling and shaking.

Others are similar to the “petit mal” or “complex partial” epileptic seizures that are limited to temporary loss of…

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