The time … I might have some “good news”

Ellie the Crunch

Did I tell you that we started seeing this Rabbi every Sunday for couple counseling? I hope it will work out, so far we saw him only once.

Remember the marriage therapist I was supposed to meet? Thank Goodness I didn’t go to meet him in person. He has been calling me non stop. He called me on Monday trying to convince me that Rabbis are not therapists and are useless (after talking sh*t about therapists who accept insurance as he doesn’t). Then went ahead saying he is extremely busy (so why are you desperately trying to find new clients???) … after our last conversation I told him I will get back to him. He texted me every day since and I ignored him (something I learned to do in America, apparently ignoring is totally acceptable here, took me 10 years to accept it).

Anyway after 3 days of unanswered…

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