The Real You is Beautiful

Jaime Stenning - a life uncut

I recorded a video a few weeks ago about keeping it real. I get so fed up of seeing retouched barbie dolls sharing endless pictures of their faces and pumped up models flashing their six packs for the tenth time that day.

Normal people have lumps and bumps. Normal people don’t need two hours of hair and makeup before they leave the house.

I saw a picture of JLo yesterday. No makeup, no quiffed hair. Just her, keeping it real. She looked ok. It made me think, wowser her styling team do an amazing job! I think more people should keep it real. Show me your pictures at 5am in the freezing cold because you’ve had to get up and train. Show me your pre-event look and your just got out of bed hair. Show me your just left the gym sweaty head and your post yoga glow. Show me…

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