The time … my toddler didn’t want to celebrate his bday

Ellie the Crunch

It’s my toddler’s 3rd bday, hurray, we are past the Terrible 2s, too bad that awful 3s and horrible 4s are approaching. Anyway…

This morning husband waited for me to wake up, I woke up at 8.30 am because I had a rough night with toddler who woke up a bunch of times unhappy.

So he waited for me to wake up (how thoughtful lol) to ask me for a ride to the train station.

I took him, half sleeping, more like he drove there and I drove the car back.

You have to know that I don’t particularly enjoy driving. For some reason or another I never really had to drive as I always lived in a big city with transportation and I had my mom who would give me a ride everywhere without me even asking her.

After he dropped himself off I went to do some errands…

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