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It’s something I just wanted to talk about for a second. We have given a new name to blowing someone off, giving someone the cold shoulder, ignoring someone… Ghosting.

People view it as cowardly, rude, obnoxious. That the one that’s been ghosted should be given a reason as to why communication has ceased. But sometimes they don’t deserve it.

If you are simply bored talking to someone who you met on Tinder or in real life, but they’ve never done a single thing to you then you should definitely give them the respect and decency to say this is why I don’t want to talk anymore. It’s the mature thing to do.

But if you’re talking to someone who makes you feel uncomfortable then you have every right to stop communication with them without an explanation. And you shouldn’t be condemned for that.

I’ve “ghosted” guys (mainly guys) in mid…

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