The time when… I decided to seek help.

Ellie the Crunch

I am drained.

I have been crying for 2 days realizing that clearly my marriage is going down the drain.

I never considered “divorce” an option, that’s the “easy way out”.

I finally decided to be proactive a seek help.

I posted an anonymous ad on the local Facebook group asking for referrals for a Rabbi specialized in “couples troubles”. Precisely I wrote that a friend of mine is having difficulties with he husband and would like to talk to a Rabbi.

I got many answers. Many were with Rabbis names, some chipped in giving their not requested opinions on the fact that Rabbis are not therapists and they should see a therapist instead.

One family lawyer wrote me privately giving me a few therapists names. I found it odd though that a “marital lawyer” would suggest a family therapist … don’t they live on divorces?

So this is how…

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