Your Now is Not your Forever

Don't Lose Hope

You look at your life – and all you see are broken pieces.

Shattered shards and splinters.

Jagged glass that makes you bleed

The impact of what happened keeps on cutting you anew.

You relive all the memories.

All the trauma you’ve been through.

But … this needn’t be your life.

You needn’t feel like this forever.

You won’t always be broken.

Or consumed by endless pain.

The pieces and the shards can create something beautiful.

This life is still your life.

This trauma’s not your destiny.

So gather up the fragments.

Hold them tightly to your heart.

Release them to the future.

And believe you’ll rise again.

Your story’s not yet written.

There are chapters yet untold.

Hold on to hope; believe it.

Claim your life.

You can be free.

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