Bulls Eye

Hey Momma

Image: Pleiadian Stars

 BULLS EYE . ‘By the Gods, it’s all of them’ he’d shouted; . How could they have doubted? . At a distance of 444.2 light years; closest constellation cluster to earth. In eye of Taurus of great central sun, the essence of cosmos rises up AN/ON. . Sacred solar heavenly wheels turn, new octaves of experience, learned. Starry infusions of greater reality, attaining of freedom and mastery. . Merging magnetic veils at last, Aeons of preparation, have passed. Hey diddle, diddle, Taranis of skies, turning about cosmic circles of life. . God of thunder, powers of lightening, celestial forces, perpetual reuniting.  Benevolent ‘Sky Wheel God’ of virility, vital for wealth, health and fertility.   . Sound the bronze Druid’s horn, mimic the rumbling of bull’s roar. Spiral dances, dream all awake, the choice is yours, to partake.  . Pleiadians of ‘Seven Sisters realms’ ‘Bid you God speed…

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