Test results…and a little challenge to you.

Who the Hell Knows?

A couple of weeks ago, I had an ambulatory EEG to determine if my periods of spacing out and losing awareness are epileptic in nature. Out of three possible outcomes—normal, epileptic, or something really bad, the results were option 1: the test was fine.

It may sound odd, but that wasn’t really my desired outcome. I was hoping for a clear answer. I already have mild epilepsy and was hoping I could just get a different medication. The doctor suggested that my episodes were just related to mood issues, such as anxiety. Perhaps my problem stems from an over-sensitive nervous system. Can’t say I’m impressed with this coming from a prominent neurologist.

“Would you like me to prescribe an anti-depressant?” No, not really. Do all doctors default to anti-depressants when they can’t figure out the problem? My God, even dentists probably do at this point.

Maybe everyone was right after…

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