MRI Panic Attack

Not Today, MS

***TRIGGER WARNING*** If you have claustrophobia or have never had an MRI, this is not the post for you. I have better posts on MRIs for you (just search MRI in the search bar). This oneis not suitable for anyone about to get their first MRI. I don’t want to unnecessarily fill you with anxiety.

Last Friday evening, I had my 8th MRI.

I’ve never had a problem. Not even the first couple when I was in-patient and really didn’t know what was wrong with me or how long I would be in the tube.

I established some MRI routines:

  • Vikki, my favorite MRI tech at my local hospital. I always checked with her to make sure she would be doing my scan.
  • Christian music in my headphones.
  • Blind fold over my eyes.
  • Going in with a list of people to pray for in my mind.
  • Pretending I’m…

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