Iron Sharpens Iron: as people sharpen each other


One thing we know we are missing right now is fellowship!

I have been thinking A LOT lately about how lonely I seem to be.

I am an introvert so I believe I managed COVID loneliness much better than some of the population. After all, I still go to work 12 hours a week =3 hours x 4 days. I have interaction with at least one other friend who works in the office even though the rest of staff is working from home.

I also have a ton of zoom. Ton = 20 hours a week. But it is not the same.

The best way I can relate it to others is “I am missing a Tribe” in my life. I am missing a group of people headed in a similar direction to reach goals.

I had that pre-covid.

It wasn’t so much about personal goals but we had…

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