Her Own Advocate

Seizure Mama and Rose

Well mama’s I think we are finally there.

I am still mama bear, but my baby can fend for herself.

She has a rather unusual curriculum this semester which includes two classes that involve physical activity.

A high heart rate is a seizure trigger for her. We know this from years of experience. We used to see her red face and tell her to rest. She now wears a fit bit to monitor this for herself.

She had to explain this to her professors. There was some doubt. I do not blame them. As a former teacher and biology instructor, I have heard outlandish excuses. We have to keep things fair.

Rose wrote to her neurologist to get a letter explaining the need for accommodations. She received a thorough letter from our hero doctor.

We have worked too hard to get her driving and living on her own to backslide.

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