The time when … I was being “trained” by my therapist to deal with a verbal abuser.

Ellie the Crunch

So I have been seeing a therapist for grief. Talking it came out my husband is a verbal abuser and that she is actually specialized in helping women in abusive relationships.

As you know once my mother died I was left with nobody really.

My father is over 70 and lives in Europe and has no money.

My brother is schizophrenic and also lives in Europe and sends me insulting emails asking me for money (which I don’t have).

So, my therapist gave me a few tips considering that not having a job and not having a place to go to get refuge with my kids, I am stuck with this abuser at least till my kids get a bit older and more independent. I wouldn’t want to start a legal fight with this person, he is a great negotiatior and has the money. English is my 3rd language and…

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