The time when … my toddler became a picky eater

Ellie the Crunch

My son will be 3 next month.
He is 28 pounds. He is my little peanut.
He used to eat much better when he was younger now it turned into a power struggle.

Do you want A or B?

Today I played a role game, I was him and he was mommy. He was trying to feed me, he asked me “what do you want to eat?” I told him A when he gave it to me I said “NO!”
just like he does. He was cracking up so much.
Not sure it helped. I doubt I will play this game again.

Another time he threw a fit over chicken nuggets!!! Which he loves (it’s a treat, so not every day). My husband sent him to his room. I went with him. After 30 min he tells me he is hungry. I tell him we have chicken nuggets, he…

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