The Facts about Factitious Disorder

The Tiny Couch: Wellness for All

Valerie Rice | February 19, 2021

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I heard the most interesting thing the other day. I was scrolling through tik tok,as one is wont to do, and heard “Some people just pretend to have mental illness for attention!”in an angry tone. Well, because I simply canNOT keep my little mouth shut, I decided to mention that faking mental illness is, in itself, mental illness. It is! I think this is a lovely time to mention that we are not okay with getting angry at someone for being mentally ill so please click here to learn more about the stigma surrounding mental health.


I am so very glad you asked. We used to call this Munchausen’s Syndrome or, if the person created the illness in someone else, Munchausen’s by proxy. With the new revisions of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of…

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