The time when … my toddler asked me if I like dad

Ellie the Crunch

Today was a busy day, and by 5 pm mother in law showed up.

Not ideal but she does play with the kids.

The kids were yelling and running around and I didn’t stop them because I told MIL that when husband came they would have probably had to shut up.

Husband shows up and just to prove me wrong, not sure how he knew, he started playing and running after the kids. MIL (mother in law) looked at me and goes :”what were you saying?”

My answer was:”depends on his mood” and she laughed. Yup, so funny, ha ha, you try to live with a bipolar husband.

Then I sit and the kids start talking about what gift my toddler wants for his 3rd bday. He had mentioned a Hot Wheels garage with a fire truck. I wasn’t sure which one he meant so I asked my older to…

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