The time when … the pandemic barely affected me

Ellie the Crunch

I am not social. To be precise I am actually socially awkward.

I never know what to say or what to do in company. I learn watching others. My husband makes fun of me, at the beginning I thought it was funny now I find it annoying.

I don’t enjoy being around too many b people, I don’t know how to mingle.

I stutter, nobody really notices it, strange enough I stutter more in my mother tongue than English.

I always worry my kids would stutter, is really difficult to go through school stuttering, but so far so good. My older is 8 so I am sure he doesn’t stutter but my little one is almost 3 and I read it shows up around this age … but so far so good. I am ready for early intervention in case. Stuttering is often genetic. Lucky me.

My father used to…

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