The time when … I was not allowed to throw away any food.

Ellie the Crunch

Did I write about this? I am getting old, I don’t remember, hope I didn’t, wouldn’t want to be repetitive.

So, I am not allowed to throw away food, even if it went bad.

My husband checks the garbage. More than once he took out food I had thrown saying it was perfectly edible (and he ate it).

When he finds food that went bad in the fridge he gets mad, at who? At me obviously, who else? Why didn’t U eat it before it went bad? Because he buys industrial quantities of everything.

He is the one who goes grocery shopping most of the time, why? Because he stops at 3 or 4 different grocery stores to pick up the cheapest options at each. I don’t have that patience and I don’t like to drive and park so once I am parked that’s where I shop and that’s it.

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