Hey Momma

 We can dream of a handsome hero,
 like latin lover; Rudolph Valentino.
 Amorous lover, knight on white steed,
 moonlight serenades; ’Oh yes please’.

 Having high morals and scruples in life,
 impassioned, to do what was right.
 Sensitive new age man, before his time,
 gentleman of love, passion and kind.

 Sexy Rudy won women, with intense stare.
 a mannerism of lust, he had that flare.
 Philosophical and introspective,
 following his own aspirational objectives.

 He believed in the possibility of his dreams,
 reaching for the stars, to follow those themes.
 Rudy must have been a great man to know,
 a hot erotic actor when silent movies, were a ‘go’.

 We lost him at the tender age of 31.
 but happily, his romantic cupidity, lives on.
 Victoria Healing ~ 14.2.2018

‘Romance isn’t a science, it’s a heart’

Valentino was a sex symbol of the 1920s, known in Hollywood

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