The time when … my kids tell me they love me

Ellie the Crunch

What’s better than hearing from your kids that they love you?

My almost 3 years old would tell me that he loves me when we cuddle and I kiss him. He loves kisses, I give him many kisses on his cheek and ge wouldn’t move with a smile on his face.

I wish it was just that easy to raise kids, kisses and love all day long.

It’s not, at least not here, in my family.

We have fights, we have up and downs and tantrums. I am still learning how to respond to each and one of these outbursts but the cuddles, the kisses and the I love yous make up for it, I will miss them when they grow up. Will they continue saying they love me? I sure hope so.

I don’t think I am the best mother out there, I wish I was but I do…

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