The time … I was blamed for my toddler’s tantrums

Ellie the Crunch

So … your toddler has tantrums clearly who is to blame?? The mother? Apparently so.

My almost 3 years old has been crying most of the day, cranky. He is a very picky eater and it is difficult to put food into his body, especially if you try a somehow decent diet.

I am very nutritious/ health oriented and my toddler is really giving me a hard time providing him with a healthy diet. He loves cookies, so I bought him almond flour chocolate chip cookies and the other kind is made with veggies.

I tried to bake my own but he didn’t like them.

So, all day he has been cranky.

For breakfast I was able to get into him a few slices of bagel and 2 pieces of matza (which I still have from last Passover) with jelly. Not my ideal breakfast choice for him but he refuses…

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