Spine Injuries, Walking Sticks and Ttue Love

Advocate Kevin Nuñez

Love is in the air my friends this close to Valentine’s Day so the topic of my next few blogs should be clear once again let’s talk about disability and relationships. I sat down with two different types of “disabled couples” to give you two different perspectives to end misconceptions once and for all! Society has always had certain” benchmarks” to define a successful relationship physical appearance, money, love, future, and of course sex I’m going to ask my interviewees one open ended question about each of these subjects in a serious but fun way to encourage them to answer these very personal questions that a “normal couple” would consider rude but when you’re part of the disability community you answer them all the time.

A little  less than a year ago now I interviewed an interabled  couple Charlie and Maggie who have their own Blog on disability awareness.

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