Maintain Sanity While Working from Home

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I’m not new to the work-from-home scene. I’ve been a freelance book editor for nearly four years. I started a profile and took on jobs when I could, gradually progressing from a free-time thing, to a part-time job, and finally a full-time occupation. Granted, when job boards are barren, I spend a lot more time drinking coffee and looking for jobs than actually editing. I am fortunate enough to be married, and my husband makes enough for us to stay afloat when things are slow. My dream one day is to have a higher, steady income from editing books, maybe working directly and solely with a publisher. *sighs longingly while taking another sip from my first mug of the day.*

Anyway, I’ve written a post or two in the past year about starting a freelance gig or trying to get work from home on platforms like Upwork…

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