Dating Disasters and Epilepsy

Epilepsy Talk

When I was a teen I fell down, walked into walls, bumped into virtually everythingin my path, and almost drowned in the shower.

So, you can imagine what a disaster dating was.

Of course, in my infinite wisdom, I would never tell my dates that I had epilepsy.

My parents wouldn’t even utter the word, so rather than become a pariah, I kept my mouth shut.

Bad idea…

For example, I was lusting to go out with Ricky Schwabacker for 2 years.I mean, he was a big-time senior and I was just a lowly sophomore.

So finally, he asked me out and we went to some kid’s house whose parents weren’t home. Oy.

Everybody sat in a circle and smoked dope. (I didn’t, because drugs were far from “recreational” to me.)

Then a very stoned Ricky and his friend sat down to play chess.

Suddenly “BOOM!” My head went crashing…

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