Brew Witched

Hey Momma

 BREW  WITCHED   Twist of apples, yeast and hops, bubbles simmering in big pots.  Rosemary and hibiscus flowers,  lavender and spice empowered. Manuka honey, leaves of sage, is how a witch 'fable' was made.  Brooms and black pointy hats,  froths, fermenting in ale vats. Storing luscious brews in cellar, cats resided as vigilant dwellers. On market day, selling this potion. became a trendy, publicity notion.  As brew ha’s go, good women knew, what was healthy and best for you. In ancient days, a fave culture was, to sip a grail of holy mead from Gods. Six sided stars noted a brew of quality, but men defamed all women’s morality.  On inquisitions in days of old, it’s told; anti brewster slanders were grown. The old boys club wouldn’t allow, land ladies earnings to be endowed. Branded still with cackles, as witches,  Ale Wives, were tossed in hells abysses. Victoria Healing 5.2.2021…

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