Blind Sight

Hey Momma

 Take a walk in Madeline’s shoes,
 see with her vision, compare views.
 Blurry, focussed and out of sight,
 a bizarre wonderland, her innate plight.

 Hyper vigilant, playing on all senses,
 counselling her cues for defences.
 Imagine a world without any colour,
 as shadows and silhouettes shudder.

 What do the visually impaired see?
 as they map the world so differently.
 Lights and movement, all a dimming,
 and that is usually only the beginning. 

 Maddie’s instincts alerted, to find out,
 what those noises and shapes are about.
 Runaway chaos of periphery confusion,
 what is reality and is that an illusion?

 Like feet on stilts, stacked in unlaced boots,
 mindfully balancing, tottering new routes.
 Inter dimensional paths, that criss cross,
 although she doesn’t know what is lost.

 You might envision that Madeline is sad,
 but she’s happy with sights that she has.
 Victoria Healing ~ 5.2.2021

Blindness is not…

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