Dragon Watch

Hey Momma

DRAGON WATCH Bingey the Dragon finds it hard to sleep, watching movies all day, as he eats. As his insomnia began to take hold, a variety of maladies started to unfold. Overstimulation, anxiety, fight or flight, his sense of reality, freaked out of sight. Locked in, on his own, in self quarantine, spellbound, as dragons fought on TV screen. Clutching his pillow in horror and dread, waiting on his mates to snuff out, evil, dead. Feeling drowsy and stressed in daylight, since he’s watched on horrors all night. Legs up, rigid and huddled on chair. stiff and frozen, fixated and scared. Breaking free to reclaim his own power, Bingey now exercises outdoors, an hour. Reading a book and listening to music, before he became more edgy and too sick. Drinking more water, eating healthy food, he has begun to have a peaceful attitude. On Dragon watch he’d previously relied, on…

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