Snow Witch

Hey Momma

 SNOW WITCH Annika is a witchy, sacred girl, who lives in a twilight world. The sight of snow outside, can ease her enquiring mind. There is nothing she loves more, than a field of fresh snowfall. Laying gently on the ground, flapping arms and legs around. Her arms both form her wings, legs cast her gown as she swings. Staring blankly into space, her face then falls into a daze. In her euphoric twilight zone, she never feels heat or cold. There is silence in the air, and she doesn’t have to care. A stigma came before back in 1494, when they penned olde witchy laws. ‘The Hammer of the Witches’ branded all, with evil glitches. But, epilepsy is her blessing, although some think it depressing. Staying grounded is her thing, keeping her emotions in the swing. Back from her seizure she returns, to process all that she has learned…

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