The time when … my husband was most of the time drunk or high

Ellie the Crunch

So, you are already familiar with this subject I call my husband.

Today he brought home a bunch of friends with their destructive kids, ages 2 to 4.

He started giving his friend a bunch or edibles followed by a bunch of hard alcohol. Or maybe he was the only one who took the edible, not sure but I found a wrapper in the kitchen, he might have shared it or not, who knows.

Anyway, he sat down with his friends then of the wives joined too.

The wife started telling how funny my husband is. And I was thinking, as funny as a Haina.

My husband started with his repertoire of unfunny jokes that somehow people think are funny.

Getting louder and louder with each joke. And more obnoxious, and least in my eyes. He even said a joke about me not loving him and I said that’s true…

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