Pen Dragon

Hey Momma

 PEN DRAGON  Reading is often an optical illusion, causing Pen Dragon daily confusion.  When studying books for learning, his cognition is deeply concerning. Backwards lettering and all upside down, causes Pen Dragon to squint and frown.  Words skipping around all over the page,  causes frustration, igniting his outrage. All jumbled up and out of order, giving him headaches and nausea. Pen Dragon can’t link words to sounds, it’s a nonsense, as letters shake around.  Printed stories, are mysteries to him, he’s vowed that he will ‘Never give in’ ‘I can do it, I can do it’ he repeats;  ‘Letters will never be the ruin of me’  And Welsh green Dragon remembers, his breath would singe pages to embers.  It was hinted that the great fire in London,  was what Pendragon’s ancestor had done.  Whatsisname had, had this the same,  singled out in classes, as a hot shame. Perhaps dyslexia, could…

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