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Holly Day

Guest PostThank you, Holly, for letting me take over your blog. It’s release day!!! Mind Scrambler, the second book in the Rockshade’s PID series, is published today. 

The first story in the series, Soul Eater, was released back in October, and it’s about Thaddeus Ezax, a wizard, and Sandulf Hunter, a werewolf who had his soul harvested and was turned into a ghost. 

In this story, Thad and Sandy play a part, but they’re not the main characters. Captain Kol Jaecar is a panther shifter who runs Rockshade’s Paranormal Investigations Department. Mind Scrambler is about him and Elijah Long.  

Elijah is Elora’s – Thad’s partner in Soul Eater – brother, and when he goes missing, she asks Jaecar to help her find him. Eli is an empath who can’t be around too many people. Their emotions overwhelm him and if it’s too much, he passes…

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