Chiari Decompression Recovery

Bendy Like Bex

Hello all you beautiful warriors! I apologize for my disappearance for the past few weeks but I am finally lucid enough to do a little writing.

I am two weeks post-op and now at the point that I do not need my pain pills every four hours. It’s more like every 6 to 8 hours.

The surgery went well. My surgeon said it was quite a mess in there and I needed this decompression desperately. I was in ICU for two days and then a private room for another day and a half. So my hospital stay was a total of four days.

My healing and recovery was going so well but then three days after we were home, I had to visit my PCP due to sores and swelling on my arm. I caught a bloodstream infection from my IV.

It was a relief to know it was not…

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