The times …. my husband got mad at me.

Ellie the Crunch

So my husband is bipolar with a temper, so far he hasn’t hit me but has been close a few times.

Let’s talk about the times he got mad at me:

1) I took out some fish, ate 3/4 and left it out thinking he may want it. Irrational rage burst up.

What did I learn from this? I never leave any food out of the fridge for him. So yesterday I made roasted potatoes for the kids, had some leftovers and immediately put them in the fridge. When he came he saw the potatoes and asked me why I put them in the fridge. He doesn’t even realize that every freaking thing that comes out of his mouth is a freaking contradiction. I let him know why beccate clearly he has mental issues that don’t let him understand things.

2) when he got home some lights were left on…

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